Territorial Council

It falls upon this organism to articulate the relations between the FEMP and the Territorial Federations and between Territorial Federations, coordinating the initiatives of common interest for Local Entities, preparing proposals for specific measures to undertake jointly between FEMP and the different Territorial Federations, giving impulse, upon the initiative of the Territorial Federations, to the defence and promotion of the specific interests of local entities in their respective territories, formulating proposals on general lines of action coordinated between the FEMP and the Territorial Federations within the framework of the resolutions approved by the General Assembly of the FEMP, and bringing them up to the Federal Council and the Executive Commission for the adoption of the pertinent resolutions, as well as any other functions that may be attributed to it expressly by the governing bodies of the Federation.
It is composed of the President and Vice Presidents of the FEMP and the Presidents of the Territorial Federations related to the Federation, although associations of non-related municipalities may also participate as non-voting guests with speaking privileges.  
The Territorial Council has a Secretariat as a supporting body, composed of the Secretaries General of the Territorial Federations and the Secretary General of the FEMP, this latter being charged with presiding and coordinating the meetings and tasks undertaken by the said Secretariat.
It meets in ordinary session at least once every three months. Its organization and operation are regulated by its own regulations, approved, upon its proposal, by the Executive Commission and the Federal Council of the FEMP, which, in any case, is obliged to respect the minimum guarantees set forth in Article 51 of the Statutes of the Federation in force.