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Maria Antonia Perez claimed the roads as gateways to the nature and elements of cohesion of rural territory

The new President of the Local Government Network + Biodiversity FEMP, Maria Antonia Perez, has claimed the value they represent natural pathways for mobility, accessibility and cohesion of the countryside and has called for increased investment in rehabilitation and maintenance are also important elements in the development of tourism and economic development.

The Government approved the restructuring of the state administration with a reduction of senior

The Government has approved the rationalization of structures in the General State Administration, reduction and realignment of senior public sector enterprise under the Government's austerity measures to achieve the restoration of fiscal stability and deficit reduction .

The FEMP supports the motion laws of Congress on funding and Local Government

The FEMP Executive Committee, meeting today in Madrid, has endorsed the content of the motion adopted by the Congress of Deputies, on 14 April, urging the Government to report to Parliament before the end of the current session, the Draft Basic Law of Government and Local Government, together with the new Law on Local Financing.

Helps alleviate the effects of the storm in municipal infrastructure

From Thursday 29 April to 29 May, the deadline will remain open for Provincial and Local Government Island affected by the storm and other natural disasters, apply for grants to offset the damage to its infrastructure and facilities. This reflected in the Royal Decree of the Ministry of Planning Policy which extends the framework of disaster subsidies and a subsequent ...

The Government will promote a social platform in promoting housing rehabilitation

The Housing Ministry will promote a social platform for the promotion of rehabilitation, accessibility and energy efficiency of buildings and houses, involving the three Administrations and the private sector and will have as main activity the creation of a network of offices technical assistance to citizens.

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