Sección de Entidades Locales de España con Estación Náutica

Section Of Spanish Local Entities With Nautical Stations

The FEMP Section of Spanish Entities with Nautical Stations arose due to the interest in uniting efforts among Local Entities with nautical stations in order to meet future challenges giving rise to excellence in tourism that will position them as quality tourist destinations, making it possible to advance in policies that make seasonal demand more flexible.

Since it was formed in May 2008, this Section has been composed of those Local Entities (Municipalities, Delegations, Town Councils, Island Councils and other inter-municipal forms) that have nautical stations. Its activity centres around:
  • Adopting common signage policies towards the end of differentiating this type of tourist destination and underscoring the information of interest to the Nautical Station user.
  • Adoption of common communication elements in the promotional material proper to each destination.
  • Giving the support necessary to each Local Nautical Station to guarantee its continuity as a differentiated tourist destination.
  • Setting themselves up as public interlocutors in relation to regional and state authorities with respect to tourism promotion policies.
  • Collaborating in the financing of the different measures agreed on in the Section with other public authorities or private entities.
  • Collaborating with the Spanish Association of Nautical Stations in the development of nautical tourism and the activities to promote this.
  • Promoting investment in infrastructures that can promote tourism, with priority given to those affecting the quality of nautical tourism.
  • Promoting research so as to reinforce safety, quality, and other aspects associated to nautical tourism.

At present, 26 Local Entities are affiliated, representing 1,517,454 inhabitants.